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Voice Actor
Taking copy to conversation.
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Voice Over Samples

Voice Over Samples

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Sea World, Audible, Palm Beach Tan, Buy Alaska, PAYCOM, Oaklawn Gaming, Tinker Federal Credit Union, and many more.


What I Offer

Compelling, Clear, Conversational.



I make things simple and quick, with no stress. My decade behind the mic gives me the experience I need to deliver clean, crisp, quick product.




Conversational, genuine.


I don’t sound like I’m reading; I sound like a real person. I'm an intuitive actor who can quickly understand how to get your copy where you need it to go with earnestness and agility.

I come from an acting background having extensively trained in NYC, Chicago, Italy, and hold a B.A. in Theatre from the University of Central Arkansas. I understand the technical aspects of creating sound as much as the technique required to tell your copy’s story.


In my home studio I work with a Rode NT1 into a Scarlett Focusrite Scarlett Solo 3rd Gen preamp into ProTools. I am ready to record! Let’s chat!

Pevious Work

Scott Minor,

Lucky Dog Audio Post

"The first time I heard Courtney audition, I knew she was going to book with us. Courtney is an accomplished actor, who understands copy and the intention behind it. Her performances can cover a range of ages, from upbeat youthful to wry millennial to busy mom. She is also a professional, responding quickly and dependably. Booking Courtney on a session means no worries and a great VO."

Emily Wold,

Fablehound LLC

Courtney is fantastic - not only can she deliver what a director needs in terms of tone & content, but she’s a total professional when it comes to the navigating the constraints of a :30, :15, or even a :06. She knows how a script needs to move to fit in time & still sound conversational & inviting.


Let's work together!

Courtney Bennett Baker

Phone: (773) 308-5040


You'll hear from me soon!

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